Our goal for you is longevity. Longevity in sport, which ultimately equals longevity in life. And that can only be achieved through strength training. At some point, you will realize that it is no longer a luxury, but a mandatory piece to continue doing all that you love. 

That's where we come in.

Marx Conditioning is committed to providing programming that encompasses all aspects - strength training, myofascial stretching, spinal decompression, nutrition coaching - everything required to live your best life. Whether that means exceeding your performance goals in sport, being able to keep up on your weekend group ride/run/climb/ski, or simply being able to live a life feeling strong and pain free.

We will take the guess work out of training for you. We will design a periodized annual program so you don't have to. We will educate you on setting strength to weight goals. We will teach you the prerequisites for lifting, and when ready, we will teach you how to lift sustainability to keep you strong for sport, for life. And to supplement your strength, we will teach you the best tools to gain and maintain mobility. 

Marx Conditioning specializes in strength training programs using lift based training and kettlebells.

"Since starting with Monika, I have noticed a huge improvement in my body awareness and core strength. I feel confident running on technical trails and have challenged my previous personal goals. Her strength and conditioning programs are truly designed to compliment sports training of any kind" - Jess

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